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The most comprehensive guide to North Korea Travel that has ever been developed

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North Korea Travel App

The North Korea Travel App will show you just how much of the DPRK you can explore – all in one convenient place.

Interested in North Korea? Planning a visit? Or maybe you want to know more about life in one of the world’s most unique countries? Then the North Korea Travel app is for you. Combining the most comprehensive guide to North Korea ever written with a unique tour building and price comparison function, this beautifully designed app shows you just how much of North Korea is open to foreigners.

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The Guide

Comprehensive – Over 350 locations
Cross Platform – iOS and Android
Cost-Effective – Just 99 cents


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The App

A multi-platform tour guide app for North Korea that gives the tourist everything they need to know

“The North Korea Travel guide promises to be indispensable for those who want to take their interest one step further and see the DPRK with their own eyes – as everyone should. I applaud this initiative.”

Aidan Foster-Carter

Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology and Modern Korea Leeds
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Up-to-date information and HD photos on over 350 different places of interest across the breadth of North Korea: Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Museums, Nature Spots, Sports, Shops, and Cafes.


The guide isn’t just about where you can go in North Korea: also included are sections on the nation’s complicated history, Korea’s culture and language, and the ethics of travelling to North Korea.


The North Korea Travel app is 100% compatible for devices supporting Apple’s iOS and the Google Android operating system. Features customized graphics for tablet and cellular devices.


All of the 350+ places of interest in the App have been geo-tagged by NK map specialist Curtis Melvin and photographed to allow users to accurately and confidently plan their trip throughout North Korea.


Itinerary building functionality allows you to “Favorite” places in the app to build a custom tour — and then get competitive price quotes from leading North Korea travel agencies. Or, if you prefer, compare prices on scheduled group tours.

Offline Mode

As it’s rare for tourists to have internet access while travelling in North Korea, this App includes an offline mode for people eager to read up about the places around them while in-country. Don’t forget to download before travelling, though!

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Armchair traveller? Use the App to get a sense of what travel in North Korea is really like

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See what it’s like to travel North Korea.

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel to the DPRK – one of the most isolated states in the world? With the App yosenseu’ll see for yourself what travelling in North Korea is really like. And with “Tour Guide Tips” written about every location, you’ll get an insider’s view of the entire experience.

Developer: Uniquely.Travel & Magora Systems
Launch: May 7, 2014
Category: Travel App
OS: iOS & Android



Invite your friends

Thinking of making a trip to North Korea? Invite your friends to register a North Korea Travel account and save money on your trip using the app Credits system. Rest assured in knowing that the App includes links to a wide range of endorsed travel operators.

Travel: Find App-approved agencies
Save: Invite friends and save on your trip
Search: Browse group tours or build your own
Favorite: Save a list of interesting places of interest
Ultimate Guide to North Korea

North Korea Travel

The Ultimate Guide to North Korea: 350+ Locations, 1000+ Photos, Exclusive Tips

The North Korea Travel App is ideal for both anyone considering a trip to the Hermit Kingdom and even those who have no intention of going, but want to see exactly what’s on offer. Put simply, the App is indispensable for anyone interested in North Korea.

Release date: May 7, 2014
Available: Apple iTunes and Google Play store
Developer: Magora Systems
By: Uniquely.Travel


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April 24th

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